The Working Library Residency


Textual Teachings: House & Home

Working Library Residency

October 2018

Portland, OR

From c3:initiative’s website:

A house is a form of architecture that many people have a relationship with—either inhabited, visited, or spent some kind of time inside. For some, it is a symbol (of what exactly?), an infringement, an obstacle. For some, it is a home, a trap, a burden— like the library, it has its own architectural teachings. During her time in residence Hannigan will create an artist book. This book will explore and examine her experiences and memories of depersonalization, specifically in the contexts of queerness, class, landscape/ruralness, and mental illness. 

In a series of workshops, forms of book-making, visual poetry, and/or writing exercises will be introduced to participants, with the space to interpret these forms as new architecture, if not context, for what experiences may need to heal. Conversations of ourselves, our art, or our experiences may accompany these exercises. Participants will be invited to house their work on the shelves, as we create an intimate home of our work. This includes bringing objects and materials that accentuate the library as a house/home space—pillows, plants, candle, photographs, garments, etc. Like a house, it is the intent that the work, exercises, and library will evolve with those who inhabit it.

During the closing event of Textual Teachings: House & Home, my artist book, swimming, was displayed and a poetry reading featuring Sara Sutter, Jae Choi, and myself took place. As well as a general exhibition of work & objects by workshop participants.

Photos below consist of artifacts & workshops throughout the residency period, and of the closing event. Click here to view photos of swimming.