Meadow was a year long project beginning in January 2018 which aimed to create space, time, and resources for women, lgbtqia+, and/or BIPOC artists & writers and community members.



Meadow began as a workshop series and seasonal digital publication called Field Guide. Over the course of the year, Meadow hosted six artists/writers/makers who taught 2-3 hour long workshops in their desired craft— this included creative writing, loom building, ceramics, body & voice, and macramé. Workshops were held both in our home and at Whitaker Pond, via the Columbia Slough Watershed Council.

The Field Guide was published in Spring and Summer 2018, featuring a total of over thirty writers and visual artists.

Meadow’s primary mission was to support marginalized artists & writers by offering time, space, and compensation to share skills and interests with their communities. It is our hope that in the future, Meadow will reignite as a creative residency space.


Meadow was founded and operated by Catie Hannigan and her partner, Laura Tran.


holding accessible & transformative space

parallels & intersections of art, language & all disciplines

holiness of nature

new & necessary personal-community dialogues

feminism: who, what, where, when, why

the quiet hours


Past Workshop Instructors:

  • Holly Putnam & Wolfgang Kahler

  • Sara Sutter

  • Janessa Bautista

  • Indira Valey

  • Maya Vivas