artist books




swimming is a hybrid essay-poem concerned with depersonalization, family trauma, queerness in relation to swimming & fog. This artist book contains a section of the essay.

The essay is hand-written in white paint pen on mirror board, which sits inside a cigar-style hard-cover box, wrapped in deep teal book cloth, with a copper foil letter-pressed title on the cover. The box was handmade by the artist with the assistance of Rory Sparks from c3:initiative.

This work would not be possible without the generous support of The Working Library / c3:initiative in Portland, OR.





Five hand-made ceramic clay dinner plates featuring one hand-written stanza of my poem, CAREFULLY.



As Vast As The Sky


10 erasure scrolls in a 2in X 2in box 



Deer Isle Scrolls


3* hand-drilled mollusk shells containing original poetry

*sadly, one shell has shattered after 7 years of existence/travel. third scroll still in tact.


Ode To A Coaster


Canvas coasters featuring a stitched vowel matrix*, representing the stamped word on the edge. 


*The matrix of vowels was invented by Michael Winkler

and is borrowed for this project.